Advantages of Retreading Truck Tyres for Your Delivery Business

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You are looking at the tyres on your delivery truck, and all you see is a solid piece of worn out carcass. What most people are not aware of is that used (but solid) tyres have more value than they think. Given that the nature of your job requires your truck to cover thousands of miles annually, buying new tyres every six months should be out of the question due to the costs involved. It is for this reason that retreading is a godsend to delivery business owners. Once you notice that almost all threads have vanished, just know that it is possible to retread tyres two or three times. The process makes it possible to cover millions of miles on the same set of tyres. This article highlights the advantages you are likely to enjoy when you retread your trucks' tyres.

Tailor Treading for Climatic Conditions -- If you use your trucks to deliver goods across the country, then it is likely that you will encounter different weather conditions. Therefore, instead of buying new tyres to suit various climatic states, you can tailor the treads to such climates. For instance, if you have worn out tyres (but solid) in the store, you can make tire treads suited for winter, autumn, spring, and summer. Consequently, you will always have the right tyres for your fleet, regardless of the season.

Safe for Environment -- Production of one truck tire requires a substantial amount of rubber. More specifically, studies show that with every retread, the automobile industry saves approximately 50 kilograms of rubber compared to buying a new tire. Consequently, less fuel is consumed because the process saves about 70 liters of fuel per tire because the immediate need for new tyres is reduced. What's more, retreading helps reduce CO2 emissions thereby lowering the cost of fuel. These benefits are enjoyed several folds depending on how many times you retread your trucks.

Save Raw Materials -- Availability of raw materials along the supply chain dictates the cost of tyres. When rubber is readily available and on the cheap, then the cost of producing tyres is significantly reduced; consequently, the retail price of tyres is lowered. However, if the rubber is scarce, then the cost of production increases including the retail price of tyres. Since the process of retreading uses waste rubber, it is not affected by the fluctuation of the price of inputs. Through retreading, you can plan for fleet running expenses with a level of certainty.

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30 October 2017

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