A Few Tips for Saving Money on a New Car Purchase

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A new car can be a great purchase for anyone, as it means a reliable, safe and even a fun way to get to work and around town every day. A new car may fit you and your family better, providing more room for growing children as well as for groceries, sporting goods and the like.

However, a new car can also mean more expense and a bigger car payment! To ensure you get the best deal for any new car, consider a few methods you might try for finding the most affordable option on the market.

Compare dealers all at once

Rather than taking days or even weeks to compare dealers one at a time, send nearby dealers separate emails all at once, and ask about their best deal on a car you like. Compare all those responses side by side, and note the one with the lowest offer. This is the place to begin shopping, and you'll know what price they're going to start with when it's time to negotiate.

Negotiate price first

When you're ready to buy a new car, you may have an older vehicle to trade-in, and may be offered rebates and other incentives. Be careful about how you use those offers during the negotiation process. If you do have an older car you want to trade-in, find out its value from a number of dealers before you begin shopping for the new car. Avoid talking about the value of your trade-in and other such incentives while negotiating the price of the new car, however. This is because the dealer may not offer their best deal if they know you'll also be getting cash for a trade-in, rebate, etc. Once you know you've gotten their best offer on a car, then you can bring up the vehicle trade-in allowance or value, rebates and other such incentives to make the price even lower.

Time the market

Dealerships really do need to clear out their lots at the end of summer in order to make room for new models. If you can hold off your new car purchase until September or October, you may find that prices drop. However, those prices may then go back up, in preparation of those who may buy cars for Christmas, or who may take Christmas gift money and buy a car after the holidays are over. Time the market and avoid the Christmas rush but wait until summer is over and you may find your new car much more affordable.


1 September 2017

Buying a new car for my mum

My mum did so much for me growing up and now I'm older it's time to repay the favour. She bought me my first car and now I'm going to get her a new car now. Her old car keeps breaking down and the air conditioning doesn't work properly so I want to get her a reliable little car with a good air conditioning that looks cute. I don't have an unlimited budget but knowing that mum will have a decent car means I am willing to give up a few luxuries. This blog is all about buying a car for your parents.