How To Find The Perfect Starter Car For Your Kids

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Learning to drive is a very exciting period in any teenager's life, from the feeling of freedom when they take their first drive alone to the bonding they get with you as they figure out new techniques. The only thing you might be worried about is them damaging your expensive car, which is why many families decide to buy used cars for their kids to practice in. Whether it is a birthday present or your kids are paying you back later, used vehicles are a great gift so long as you find the right one. Here are some tips on picking the perfect starter car for your kids.

Automatic Or Manual?

To find the perfect used car, you need to ask yourself broad questions and narrow down the scope of your search until you find something you like. The most obvious question is what type of transmission you want to teach your kids to drive on. Automatic is far more accessible and more intuitive, so for more nervous drivers, this might be the way to go. On the other hand, manual cars are often cheaper to buy and operate, as well as to provide your teen with the knowledge of both transmissions rather than just one. 

Service Information And Record

You should never buy used cars without seeing their full history as you don't know what could have happened to it. A car might look perfectly fine on the outside, but its internals may be shaken up from a crash that you would never know about without checking the paperwork. Virtually all second-hand car dealers will have this paperwork on file, which is why it is usually safer to buy used cars from a business rather than an individual. Many used car salespeople also provide warranties to a certain extent, which gives you even more peace of mind. 

Get An Expert Inspection

There are several types of mechanics out there that offer to go with you to examine used cars before you purchase them. They will give you a thorough diagnosis of whether the vehicle will be right for what you want it to do or if you should keep looking. They can even spot faults that the current owners don't know about. Bringing these mechanics with you isn't about finding a perfect, brand-new car; it is just so you know the condition of the car before you buy it. Used cars will have some minor cosmetic issues and may need more regular maintenance. As long as you know that before you buy, you will find great deals all around the country, but you need that expert opinion. 

To learn more, contact a used car salesperson.


14 May 2020

Buying a new car for my mum

My mum did so much for me growing up and now I'm older it's time to repay the favour. She bought me my first car and now I'm going to get her a new car now. Her old car keeps breaking down and the air conditioning doesn't work properly so I want to get her a reliable little car with a good air conditioning that looks cute. I don't have an unlimited budget but knowing that mum will have a decent car means I am willing to give up a few luxuries. This blog is all about buying a car for your parents.