Common Reasons for Gearbox Failure

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The principal functionality of your vehicle's gearbox is to reduce the speed of your output shaft, convert your motor's rotation while simultaneously increasing the amount of torque of your car. Therefore, if the gearbox is failing and you don't seek repairs, you could end up not being able to drive your vehicle at all. Nonetheless, gearbox repairs tend to be quite common due to the high usage that this component experiences.

17 November 2017

Advantages of Retreading Truck Tyres for Your Delivery Business

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You are looking at the tyres on your delivery truck, and all you see is a solid piece of worn out carcass. What most people are not aware of is that used (but solid) tyres have more value than they think. Given that the nature of your job requires your truck to cover thousands of miles annually, buying new tyres every six months should be out of the question due to the costs involved.

30 October 2017

How to Prepare Your Car For a Roadworthy Inspection

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A vehicle registration inspection may be needed for your car before you can renew your registration, if the car is a few years old, or has been through any major accident. Your local licensing agency can tell you if your car in particular will need such an inspection; if so, note a few things you might do to prepare in advance so you can obtain your new registration quickly and easily.

27 September 2017

6 Tips to Help You Load as Much as Possible Into Your Side Tipper

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If you are looking for side tippers for sale, you want to ensure that it can carry as large of a load as possible. To help you out, here are some tips to keep in mind. The hire company or the company you're purchasing from may have additional ideas. 1. Make Sure the Tipper Is Level The side tipper should always be completely upright before you start to load it. If it's tilted to the side, you won't be able to load it correctly.

26 September 2017

Safety Measures during Towing a Friend's Car

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Automotive towing involves moving vehicles from certain areas either because they have broken down or the owners have parked them illegally. In every city, there are city council workers whose main role is to ensure that all cars have been properly parked. If you do not park within the designated areas, you will definitely have your vehicle towed. Another form of towing is when a friend's car has broken down, and they request your assistance in moving the car to a safer location or a service station.

23 September 2017

Avoid These Common Mistakes When It Comes to Residential Air Conditioner

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The way you use and maintain your home's air conditioner will greatly affect its overall longevity and durability, and with how well it actually cools your home in summertime. Many homeowners neglect to consider their use and even the maintenance of that system, until it begins to act up, or it breaks down altogether. To ensure you're not doing anything that would cause an early breakdown of your system while always keeping your home as comfortable as possible, note a few mistakes you'll want to avoid when it comes to a residential air conditioner.

20 September 2017

Why Use Brand-Specific Parts When Making Vehicle Repairs?

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When you need to make repairs to your car or truck, you may assume that you can use any brand-name part, or a part that says it's compatible with your car's make and model. These off-brand or generic parts may be sufficient for the repairs you need to get done, and they are sometimes a bit cheaper than parts made specifically for a certain car model; however, they may not be the best choice for your vehicle and repairwork.

18 September 2017

Glaring Signs of Impending Brake Malfunction

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Car safety is essential every single time you drive as it ensures that both you as well as other road users are not in harm's way. One of the vital car systems that significantly contribute to the safety of your vehicle is the brakes. If you cannot effectively slow your vehicle down, you run the risk of losing control of the car and this and lead to a grave scenario on the roads.

17 September 2017

SUV vs. Sedan: Which Should You Rent for Your Family Road Trip?

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Going on a family road trip is a great way to soak up the best Australia has to offer, but the idea is not without its little stresses. One thing that makes a big difference is the type of vehicle you choose, and many people now find themselves struggling to choose between renting an SUV or a sedan. There's really no right answer - you simply have to consider the relative benefits of each option.

15 September 2017

Two Types of Trailer Issues You Should Have Repaired Promptly

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If you regularly use a trailer during your road journeys, it's important to keep this item in good condition. Here are two types of trailer problems which you address as soon as you notice them. Broken rear lights Most trailers come with a set of rear brake lights. When the trailer is connected to a car, they will light up each time the driver brings the vehicle to a stop.

13 September 2017