Top Signs You Might Need to Have a Professional Check Out Your Boat's Diesel Engine

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If you have a diesel-powered boat, then you might be used to being able to count on your boat's engine to start. Now, though, you might need some professional assistance, since you might have noticed that your boat's engine isn't functioning like it normally does. These are a few top signs that now is the time to call someone who performs marine diesel diagnostics.

Your Boat's Engine Is Emitting Black Smoke

Your boat might seem to run like it's supposed to, and you might not have noticed any major performance issues. However, you might have noticed one key issue: your boat's engine might be emitting black smoke. Not only can this be unpleasant to experience when you're trying to enjoy your boat, but you might be concerned that there are environmental impacts, too. Plus, you could be worried that there is an issue with your engine. Typically, black smoke emits from diesel marine engines when the fuel is not burning all the way like it's supposed to, so repairs might be needed.

Your Boat Engine Won't Start

Of course, if your boat engine simply will not start, it's important to have the problem checked out. Your boat's engine might not be getting fuel for some reason or another — such as if a fuel line is pinched or clogged — or there might be a problem with your boat's batteries or starter. It can be hard to figure out why a boat won't start at all, but a professional should be able to easily diagnose the problem.

Your Boat Engine Doesn't Start Easily

You might always be able to get your boat to start when you try, but you might have noticed that your boat doesn't start up as quickly or smoothly as it used to. If this is the case, then your boat's engine might not be getting as much fuel as it should, or there might be a problem with the compression components. Hard starting isn't a problem you should ignore, since it might get worse, and you might one day find that your boat's engine won't start at all.

Your Boat Seems to Be Using More Fuel Than Usual

You might be used to putting diesel fuel in your boat, but you might have always noticed that your boat was pretty fuel-efficient. However, now, your boat might be using more fuel than ever before, and you could be wondering why. There could be some sort of leak, or there could be something wrong with your engine that is preventing it from burning fuel efficiently. Either way, a professional should be able to get to the bottom of the problem so that you can begin conserving fuel again.

Talk to a marine diesel service to find out what's wrong with your engine.


22 October 2021

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