4 Common Causes of Traction Control Problems

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Vehicles with anti-lock braking systems (ABS) often have traction control mechanisms to ensure proper traction as the vehicle is accelerating. This traction control system may develop a defect that can cause a warning light to begin flashing on the dashboard. This article discusses some of the reasons why that warning light may come on.

Defective Wheel Speed Sensors The traction control system relies on the data that is transmitted by the wheel speed sensors. This data enables the traction control system to adjust the speed of the particular drive wheel that is losing traction in order to prevent the wheels from spinning or skidding. Faulty wheel speed sensors can make it impossible for the traction control system to work. The warning light will therefore show you that the system isn't working.

Worn Solenoid Valves The defect in the traction control system of your vehicle may also be due to a failure in the solenoid valves in the traction control system or ABS assembly. Mechanical and electrical failures can hinder the performance of solenoid valves. For instance, corrosion can prevent the valves from opening or closing. Such a mechanical defect can only be fixed by replacing the entire modulator assembly since it isn't possible to replace individual solenoid valves.

Leaks It is also possible for a leak to develop within the pressure accumulator of the traction control system. A seal or a rubber diaphragm can rupture within the accumulator. Consequently, the gas that exerts pressure in order to make you to ease up on the accelerator pedal may leak. The sudden loss of pressure when the leak occurs can disable the traction control system.

Faulty Pump Pressure may also be lost in case the pump that operates the accumulator in the traction control system fails due to wear. The pump can also stop working in case an electrical connection is lost. A worn pump can be identified by using a jumper wire to bypass the pump relay. This bypass will enable the pump to work in case the relay is not working. A worn pump will not work once the relay is bypassed in order to create an electrical connection. Traction control systems are complex and should only be repaired by technicians who have the appropriate diagnostic tools and skills. Contact such professionals as soon as you see the warning light so that you avoid the risks that are associated with driving a vehicle with a defective traction control system.  


11 September 2017

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