How to Give Driving Trainees Feedback They Will Appreciate

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People who are undertaking driving lessons often make mistakes that the instructor has to point out in order to give the trainees a chance to correct those mistakes. However, some inexperienced instructors may give their feedback in a way that makes it hard for the trainee to take that feedback in good faith. Learning can suffer in such situations. This article discusses some suggestions that driving instructors can implement in order to give feedback that will be welcomed.

Select the Timing Carefully

You should always pick the best time to deliver feedback to your driving trainees. For instance, it may not be advisable for you to point out the errors of a trainee while that person is still upset about an accident that nearly took place during a practical driving lesson. Instead, wait until the person has calmed down so that you can mention what would have been a better approach to handle the situation. Similarly, you should never provide feedback long after the mistake was made. For example, it may not be very helpful for you to give a list of all the mistakes that a learner made during a week. Instead, give feedback about each day so that the learner can correct those mistakes as soon as possible.

Refrain from Accusatory Words

Another way to provide feedback to people having driving lessons is by selecting your words so that you don't alienate the learner. For example, say, "I think it would have been superb if a turn signal was used 100-feet before making a turn." That statement will be received better than if you had said, "Why don't you ever use the turn signal when you are 100-feet from the corner as I told you in class?" The first person pronoun "I" in the first statement shifts the focus to you instead of onto the learner the way "You" in the second statement does.

Prepare Your Feedback

It is also helpful to prepare your comments before you give your feedback to those that you are offering driving lessons to. Preparation helps you to whittle down your feedback to the specifics that will trigger the necessary change in the learner. Preparation also helps you to structure your feedback in a positive way. For example, your preparation can enable you to find the positives, such as seamless shifting of gears, which you can highlight before you mention the mistake that a learner made. This method of emphasing the positives before you state a shortcoming encourages the person taking the driving lessons to take the mistake in stride since he or she feels that you acknowledged their positive outcomes. Always remember that you are dealing with a human being when you are giving feedback to your trainees. Enroll for driver instructor training so that you can be equipped with all the skills that will enable you to handle all aspects of training drivers effectively.  


12 September 2017

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