Two Types of Trailer Issues You Should Have Repaired Promptly

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If you regularly use a trailer during your road journeys, it's important to keep this item in good condition. Here are two types of trailer problems which you address as soon as you notice them.

Broken rear lights

Most trailers come with a set of rear brake lights. When the trailer is connected to a car, they will light up each time the driver brings the vehicle to a stop.

If these lights develop a fault (for example, if the electrical wiring tears, or if the bulb breaks), and you do not have them repaired, you could end up in an accident.

Say that you decide to drive with your trailer attached to your vehicle during a period of heavy fog or late at night. In this situation, the lack of visibility may make it difficult for a driver who approaches your vehicle from behind to spot your trailer.

If you then need to brake suddenly and your trailer's rear lights do not turn on, the driver behind you could end up colliding with your trailer, because they did not see the trailer or receive any visual indication that you intended to stop.

As such, it's important not to postpone trailer repairs of this kind; the moment you notice an issue with your trailer's lights, you should take it to a mechanic.

Tyres that deflate rapidly

Trailers are routinely used to carry heavy loads, such as construction equipment, sports gear, luggage and farming tools. As such, it's perfectly normal for them to deflate faster than the tyres on a standard vehicle.

However, if you find that one of the tyres on your trailer is deflating very rapidly (that is, if you find yourself having to top up the air pressure levels after every single road journey), you should have it inspected by a mechanic, as this could be an indication of some tearing in the tyre walls, which is allowing air to escape.

Driving with damaged trailer tyres can be extremely dangerous, particularly if you often use the trailer to transport heavy equipment. If the tyre rubber is damaged, a blowout may occur. This sudden loss of air pressure in one of the tyres could lead to the trailer swinging forcefully across the road; if this should happen when you're driving at high speeds in a busy area, the trailer and its heavyweight contents could end up hitting and seriously injuring someone.

Given this, it is crucial to have any issues with your trailer tyres dealt with quickly.


13 September 2017

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