SUV vs. Sedan: Which Should You Rent for Your Family Road Trip?

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Going on a family road trip is a great way to soak up the best Australia has to offer, but the idea is not without its little stresses. One thing that makes a big difference is the type of vehicle you choose, and many people now find themselves struggling to choose between renting an SUV or a sedan.

There's really no right answer - you simply have to consider the relative benefits of each option.

The Benefits of Hiring an SUV                   

The most immediate benefit that comes with renting an SUV is also the most compelling: they are significantly roomier than sedans. This is going to be a huge advantage during a family road trip since you will be spending a lot of time within the vehicle. As such, a spacious cabin is a must. Cargo space is also going to prove vastly superior, so you'll be less likely to run out of room for your luggage.

People also tend to enjoy the elevated ride height of an SUV, particularly when they head out on vacation. You'll be surprised how sitting just a few inches higher as you drive opens up the landscape – views really are more spectacular.

Finally, SUVs are likely to be offered with 4x4, which is great if you're going to head into the outback at all. Keep in mind that many of Australia's most spectacular national parks require a 4x4 to enter.

The Benefits of Hiring a Sedan

As a general rule of thumb, sedans are more convenient that SUVs. You're going to need to head through unfamiliar cities and park in plenty of spaces during your road trip, and it can be tough to handle such a large vehicle. A sedan is relatively easy to manoeuvre since you're seated closer to the ground, and smaller exterior dimensions make it easier to drive in the city and far easier to park.

You should also save quite a bit of money by choosing a sedan over an SUV for your family road trip. SUVs are a lot more expensive to buy, and so they are also a lot more expensive to rent. Over a longer holiday, the price difference can really add up, especially since SUVs are generally going to consume a lot more fuel than your average sedan.

If you have teenagers instead of younger children, plus plenty of luggage, the added space of an SUV should appeal, and their elevated ride height and available 4x4 systems are perfect for backcountry driving. If space isn't such an issue and you'll be sticking mostly to cities and towns, or if you're simply not comfortable with a larger vehicle, a sedan is probably the way to go.


15 September 2017

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