Glaring Signs of Impending Brake Malfunction

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Car safety is essential every single time you drive as it ensures that both you as well as other road users are not in harm's way. One of the vital car systems that significantly contribute to the safety of your vehicle is the brakes. If you cannot effectively slow your vehicle down, you run the risk of losing control of the car and this and lead to a grave scenario on the roads. Nonetheless, some newbie motorists may not even be aware that they are driving around with failing brakes, as they would not know how to discern the symptoms. The following are some of the glaring signs to be wary of that would be indicative of impending brake malfunction:

Screeching noises when trying to apply the brakes

The design of your car's braking system is supposed to facilitate warning signals being emitted if something is off kilter. Thus, you should never ignore screeching sounds coming from your brakes. In usual cases, the screeching sound is signalling that your brake pads are reaching their wear point. Once these pads are no longer functional, you will be unable to stop your vehicle immediately you press on the brakes. It would be important to take your vehicle to your local auto shop and seek brake repairs before a complete malfunction occurs.

Intense vibrations when applying the brakes

When you step your brakes, the movement should be smooth and lawless. The moment you start to find that your vehicle is pushing back either through vibrating or other abnormal motions, you should be concerned about brake repairs. When your car starts to vibrate uncontrollably whenever the brakes are applied, it could imply that the rotors in your braking system have acquired some damage, usually in the form of warping. Driving with warped motors would significantly impede the performance of the braking system, and it would only be a matter of time before you would require extensive brake repairs.

Deep grinding sounds when applying the brakes

Another sound that you should be wary of when it comes to your braking system is deep grinding or howling noises. Grinding is particularly worrisome as it means that there is friction between the metal components. The metal parts in question could range from the brake pedal, the drums in the braking system or even the rotors since by this point you probably would have severely compromised brake pads. Grinding noises almost always require a full brake replacement as the metal components will probably have acquired serious damage.


17 September 2017

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