Why Use Brand-Specific Parts When Making Vehicle Repairs?

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When you need to make repairs to your car or truck, you may assume that you can use any brand-name part, or a part that says it's compatible with your car's make and model. These off-brand or generic parts may be sufficient for the repairs you need to get done, and they are sometimes a bit cheaper than parts made specifically for a certain car model; however, they may not be the best choice for your vehicle and repairwork. Note why you may want to use brand-specific parts, like Honda car parts when repairing a Honda vehicle, especially on foreign or specialty cars and trucks.


Off-brand vehicle parts may be cheaper because they are made with plastics and other materials that are actually inferior to the materials used for name-brand or brand-specific parts and supplies. These cheaper materials may not provide as much resistance to impact, so if you're in any type of collision, those inferior parts may tend to buckle and fold or to move out of position. In turn, your car may be more likely to need extensive repairs after that collision. This can mean more work and more money on repair bills over the life of your vehicle.

The materials used for certain parts may also need to be compatible with the parts that are already on the car. For example, if you put two different types of metal pipes together, they may be more likely to corrode and rust than if you used pipes of the same materials. Choosing brand-specific parts can then prevent this early corrosion and other such damage, as they will be compatible with the parts already on the car or truck.


If you don't care much about your vehicle's performance, you may not be concerned with the type of part you use for its repairs. However, brand-specific parts may actually perform better than generic parts; oxygen sensors and valves may maintain better control of the oxygen coming into and then getting vented out of the engine, so the engine can maintain better combustion. A high-quality fuel pump may mean better control over the fuel being delivered to the engine so that the car has better pickup and better fuel economy. Exhaust parts that are made to fit a specific brand of car may also mean more venting of bad air from the engine and less vibration of the exhaust itself, for a quieter ride. For all these reasons, if you're concerned about a vehicle's performance, use brand-specific parts for repairs and replacement.


18 September 2017

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