Safety Measures during Towing a Friend's Car

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Automotive towing involves moving vehicles from certain areas either because they have broken down or the owners have parked them illegally. In every city, there are city council workers whose main role is to ensure that all cars have been properly parked. If you do not park within the designated areas, you will definitely have your vehicle towed. Another form of towing is when a friend's car has broken down, and they request your assistance in moving the car to a safer location or a service station. In this case, there are several safety measures that you should take when towing the vehicle.

1. Use the right equipment

Most professional towing companies have the proper equipment to carry out this function. However, when you are requested to tow a friend's vehicle, there are some essential items that you should have. An example is a strong cable that can withstand the weight of the other vehicle. Never attempt to use the ropes found in the local hardware stores since they cannot sustain the weight of pulling another car. Getting the right towing cable will ensure that you reach the destination safely.

2. Fix any moving parts

Moving parts on an auto vehicle pose a danger to other road users. You should make sure that any moving parts such as the doors, bonnet and the boot have been properly closed and they cannot swing in the course of transportation. Another issue that has to be checked is whether there is loose luggage in the vehicle. Some of these can move about in the course of transportation and break the windows or the windscreen of the motor vehicle.

3. Have other road users in mind

The most important thing when towing a friend's automobile is to be wary of other road users. Companies that offer professional towing services have clearly marked equipment that they use, which helps to distinguish them on the road. Most of them also have sirens to warn other road users. However, when you have been called to tow a friend's vehicle, one does not have this advantage. You should make sure that both cars are driving at a safe distance from other road users. The hazard lights of both cars need to be put on, which acts as a warning sign to other road users. The best approach is to use roads that have little traffic which reduces the chances of obstruction since both vehicles will be moving slower than regular traffic.


23 September 2017

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My mum did so much for me growing up and now I'm older it's time to repay the favour. She bought me my first car and now I'm going to get her a new car now. Her old car keeps breaking down and the air conditioning doesn't work properly so I want to get her a reliable little car with a good air conditioning that looks cute. I don't have an unlimited budget but knowing that mum will have a decent car means I am willing to give up a few luxuries. This blog is all about buying a car for your parents.