6 Tips to Help You Load as Much as Possible Into Your Side Tipper

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If you are looking for side tippers for sale, you want to ensure that it can carry as large of a load as possible. To help you out, here are some tips to keep in mind. The hire company or the company you're purchasing from may have additional ideas.

1. Make Sure the Tipper Is Level

The side tipper should always be completely upright before you start to load it. If it's tilted to the side, you won't be able to load it correctly. To ensure that you can fill the side tipper up to the brim, it needs to be upright. It also helps if it's on level ground.

2. Load From the Top

Wheeling loads in through a side door can work in some cases, but if you want to pack the side tipper as full as possible, you need to load it from the top. For instance, if you have a chute attached to a combine harvester, that's an ideal way to effectively load a side tipper.

3. Add a Tarp

Once you have the load in the side tipper, you want to ensure that it stays in place, and a covering can help. In fact, this doesn't just protect your load. It's also required under the law. This is for the safety of other drivers, and it helps to ensure that you don't lose your load or part of your load on the road.

4. Check the Suspension of Your Vehicle

Ideally, you should also check the suspension of your trailer. If the ride is smooth, you aren't as likely to lose some of the load. If you own the side tipper, get this checked, and if you are looking at side tippers for sale, ask the salesperson when the suspension was last maintained.

5. Make Sure the Trailer Is Clean

If your side tipper has debris or residue from a previous load, that can limit how much of your new load fits into the trailer. To fit in as much as possible, you need to start with a clean trailer.

6. Look for a Side Tipper With More Space

Of course, the side tipper you buy also affects how much you can fit into it. Look for the largest side tipper for sale you can find. Alternatively, you may want to look for a side tipper that doesn't have a hydraulic pump or an oil tank. These new models can fit in larger loads than their traditional counterparts.


26 September 2017

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