How to Prepare Your Car For a Roadworthy Inspection

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A vehicle registration inspection may be needed for your car before you can renew your registration, if the car is a few years old, or has been through any major accident. Your local licensing agency can tell you if your car in particular will need such an inspection; if so, note a few things you might do to prepare in advance so you can obtain your new registration quickly and easily.

Check for rust

A car's body is actually checked for major rust during a roadworthy inspection, as rust can cause parts to break free of their connectors or to snap in half; this can obviously cause a serious hazard when you're on the road. You might check under the body of the car, if possible, for signs of developing rust, and spray any rusted areas with a rust inhibitor so that this corrosion doesn't spread and cause damage. If the rust is minor, this may not be an issue with the car inspector, so keeping rust to a minimum can help your car pass its inspection.


The car's tyres will be inspected for bulges, worn tread, and other such issues, so check them yourself before you have the car inspected. If the tyres are severely worn and are many years old, it's time to replace them anyway; this can reduce the risk of older tyres causing the car to fail its inspection and of having to return for a second inspection after you purchase those new tyres.


The car's wipers will be inspected, as these are very important for having an unobscured view of the road when it's raining or snowing outside. If the wipers are worn, as with the tyres, it's time to replace them anyway, so do that before you take your car in for its inspection.

Finding the right inspection station

Note that a roadworthy inspection can only be done by an authorized inspector. Your local licensing agency can usually provide a list of repair shops that perform this inspection, or you can search online, but be sure you do this well before your registration expires. You may need to make an appointment for the inspection to be done and, if the car fails the inspection, you may also need to schedule repairs and a second inspection. To ensure you have all needed inspections and repairs done before your registration expires, be sure you find an authorized inspection station, rather than assuming this can be done by your local mechanic.


27 September 2017

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