Common Reasons for Gearbox Failure

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The principal functionality of your vehicle's gearbox is to reduce the speed of your output shaft, convert your motor's rotation while simultaneously increasing the amount of torque of your car. Therefore, if the gearbox is failing and you don't seek repairs, you could end up not being able to drive your vehicle at all. Nonetheless, gearbox repairs tend to be quite common due to the high usage that this component experiences. Thus, it would be ideal to be familiar with some of the different types of malfunction so you can have an idea of what to expect. So what are a couple of the common reasons for gearbox failure?

The bearings have become damaged

If your bearings are exposed to excessive radial or axial loads, there is an increased likelihood of them becoming damaged. For instance, if the output shaft is forced to endure high load capacities, the increased pressure will inevitably be transferred to the bearings, which will cause the bearing to crack or break.

On the other hand, insufficient lubrication can also damage your bearings. Without adequate lubrication, there is increased friction in the metallic components. With time, the friction heats up other parts, leading to severe damage, and this could result in cataclysmic failure of your vehicle's functioning. It is therefore prudent to ensure that the bearings are inspected routinely for signs of spalling that would indicate the potential need for gearbox repairs.

The gears are not in optimum condition

Another serious cause of gearbox repairs is if the gears themselves have become compromised. There are several reasons why your gears would succumb to mechanical failure. One of the common causes of gear malfunction is if there is a pollutant that has made its way into the gearbox fluid. Metal shavings due to friction between components are the most common type of contaminant that you would find in the gearbox fluid. Left unencumbered, the metal shavings could work their way into the various components and fracture the auto parts. These fractures will eventually inhibit the functioning of the gears, leading to overall gearbox repairs.

Another reason why your gears would start to malfunction is if they are not correctly aligned. Misalignment typically comes about when a motorist neglects routine servicing, which gives the gears a chance to slip out of place. Lastly, excessive heat within the gearbox system would also pose the risk of compromised gears, as this increases the likelihood of overheated components. This overheating needs to be addressed before other auto parts are exposed to the high temperatures. 


17 November 2017

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