How to Give Driving Trainees Feedback They Will Appreciate

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People who are undertaking driving lessons often make mistakes that the instructor has to point out in order to give the trainees a chance to correct those mistakes. However, some inexperienced instructors may give their feedback in a way that makes it hard for the trainee to take that feedback in good faith. Learning can suffer in such situations. This article discusses some suggestions that driving instructors can implement in order to give feedback that will be welcomed.

12 September 2017

4 Common Causes of Traction Control Problems

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Vehicles with anti-lock braking systems (ABS) often have traction control mechanisms to ensure proper traction as the vehicle is accelerating. This traction control system may develop a defect that can cause a warning light to begin flashing on the dashboard. This article discusses some of the reasons why that warning light may come on. Defective Wheel Speed Sensors The traction control system relies on the data that is transmitted by the wheel speed sensors.

11 September 2017

A Few Tips for Saving Money on a New Car Purchase

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A new car can be a great purchase for anyone, as it means a reliable, safe and even a fun way to get to work and around town every day. A new car may fit you and your family better, providing more room for growing children as well as for groceries, sporting goods and the like. However, a new car can also mean more expense and a bigger car payment! To ensure you get the best deal for any new car, consider a few methods you might try for finding the most affordable option on the market.

1 September 2017